Akshay’s message to his fans

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It seems there are people out there on Twitter and Facebook pretending to be Akshay Kumar and the actor won’t stand for it. In fact, the star has recorded a video message for all his fans giving them the web addresses for his official accounts!

Check it out!

Akshay is currently in Toronto and is getting ready to begin his first international project Breakaway. Breakaway is being directed by Robert Lieberman and will co-star Emily Van Camp, star of the popular TV series Brothers and Sisters. The film has been described as “a cross-cultural emotional family comedy with an ice-hockey background.” Filming begins today and Akshay tweeted, “My 1st International movie ‘Breakaway’ starts today in Toronto. Plz wish me and all my cast & crew good luck, they have all gone 4 prayers this morning :)”

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