All Eyes on Siddh and Soha!

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Now that Saif has professed his love for Kareena openly its time for the media to turn their attention otherwise. In this case the attention has turned to his baby sister, Soha.

Since Siddharth’s return to Mumbai (to work on his next Hindi project) old rumours of Soha and Siddh affair have sprung up.

Sources from the set of RDB told Mid-Day that the two were very cosy on the sets of Rang De however at the time Siddh was still in a rocky marriage with childhood sweetheart Meghna hence why nothing was made official. However now that the divorce is out into the open media bugs are haunting the two couples to come out into the open with their relationship.

Mid-Day was also informed by sources that the couple have been dating for the past one year (since RDB release).

Siddh is in for a rough ride now that he is back in Mumbai. After all the hype of RDB he managed slip away back down South conveniently however now that he is back, the paparazzi and journalists will ensure to make up for his lost time in the news. And we all know how the rumour mill goes when a female co-star is in the picture!

However what is most intriguing about the rumour is that it has already done rounds during RDB release and has returned for the second time. It makes one wonder that there has to be some truth in order for the same rumour to come about again. Like they say, there is no smoke without a fire.

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