Aloo Chaat

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Indian culture. There never seems to be enough ways to explore this colourful and vibrant culture. And the height of this vivacious culture is its family values. It is on these family values that Aloo Chaat is based upon. Director Robby Grewal, who in recent times gave us the intense suspense thriller Samay followed by the romantic college drama Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar, returns with yet another film that boasts of his versatility.

Sadly Aloo Chaat doesn’t live up to the expectations created by Samay and MP3. Even though the film possess all the traits of a typical entertaining family drama such as an over dramatic mother, an overpowering father, a suspicious unwanted family member and an ideal son torn between his dreams and those of his family’s, it still fails to strike the right chords amongst the audiences.

Attempting to strike a winning tune with the audience is Nikhil (Aftab Shivdasani), an American returned Indian hailing from a Punjabi family that simply cannot wait to get him married off to an ideal Indian girl. Unfortunately for this family, Nikhil has other plans in mind. Whilst studying in America he fell in love with Aamna (Aamna Sharif) who may just have the traits the family wants in their ideal daughter in law except one – she’s not Indian. Far from it. She’s a Muslim. An absolute no-no in the family. So to change the perspective of his family Nikhil brings home a fake fianc

Our Rating

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