Ameesha Single Again

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Ameesha Patel finds herself single yet again. It seems that she and beau of three years, Kanav Puri have called it quits. For the last eight months or so, the actress and her London-based boyfriend have been sailing through stormy waters. According to sources, Puri was keen to settle into marital bliss with Ameesha who wanted to give her sunken career yet another try. Additionally, sources claim that Ameesha’s patch up with her estranged family has made her yet again “emotionally strong” and thus, she didn’t feel the need to fall into the arms of Kanav anymore.

“There has been major trouble between Ameesha and Kanav for quite some time now. While Kanav has been constantly speaking of settling down with Ameesha, marriage is not on her priority list right now. In fact, he had proposed marriage to her when he had come down to India to celebrate her birthday in June last year. Much to his dismay, Ameesha has been dilly-dallying ever since he officially asked her to marry him. Evidently, Kanav was getting quite restless,” claimed an insider. After her break-up with her family and ex-boyfriend Vikram Bhatt, Ameesha found herself alone. It was then that Kanav entered her life only to give her a family, hope and love.

Sources also claim that Puri had come to India during Christmas ready to propose to Ameesha who asked for more time. If rumors are to be believed, the couple began fighting and arguing nonstop which led to them completely shutting each other out. “They have now decided to take time off from each other. While Ameesha is concentrating on her career, Kanav does not want to wait any longer and things are beyond repair,” clarified a source.

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