Amrita Rao is on Facebook!

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Yes, Amrita Rao is finally on Facebook and she tells us why she joined the social networking site. “Although I am a gadget freak and I am very much technology friendly, I never felt the need of being present on social networking sites such as Facebook, Orkut and Twitter until recently. However much to my amusement, I used to receive phone calls from friends and fans who used to tell me shocking things like loved your new status, who is the new man in your life. Finally a very close friend of mine who is fashion designer told me that there was a notorious Amrita D. Rao on Facebook was playing cheap pranks on the social networking site and appeared to be original in nature. She had apparently added all my close media friends as well as fans. In fact there was a nasty rumour late last year when all my fans and family thought I was to marry a prince who was somehow related to Dr. Vijay Mallya. Strange how the fake Amrita got the entire world to believe this utter piece of rubbish through Facebook. Apparently there was exchange of wall post messages between fake Amrita and the so-called prince. However recently I have joined Facebook as I understand it’s important to stay connected in a tech savvy world. I have ensured that I accepted friend requests of people I know only and no fakesters. And yes the world should know that Amrita Rao is very much single and has a lot to look forward to besides marriage!”

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