An SRK-Salman Khan Encounter of the Third Kind

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Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan both found themselves sharing more than just a fond rivalry. The duo rode the same flight from London to Mumbai and unknowingly landed up sharing airspace together. While Salman was in the city to promote London Dreams, SRK was in town for some personal work. At the airport, Salman, who was accompanied by brother Sohail Khan, found himself coming in close proximity to his archrival. Sohail who is on good terms with SRK, briefly spoke to him before returning to his brother.

An source claimed, “Both Shah Rukh and Salman boarded the flight without the slightest knowledge that both were going to share nine hours of airspace together! Shah Rukh saw Sallu first. He appeared stunned, then he quietly went to his seat and sat down.” The duo even found themselves sitting within a few seats of each other. Throughout the flight, Salman seemed to be in a great mood as he teased the airhostesses and joked around about possibly “brawling it out” with SRK. However, King Khan decided to ignore Sallu and conked off to sleep only to awake when the flight was landing. Seeing SRK’s nonchalant reaction, Sallu decided to do the same and too fell asleep.

At Mumbai Airport, it was evident that the ex-friends couldn’t wait to get to out of each other’s presence. Sohail bid adieu to SRK and then joined his brother who was at the complete opposite end from SRK of the baggage claim area. They quickly picked up their luggage and walked out of the airport as swiftly as possible.

This wasn’t the first time the actors had come in such close proximity of one another. Previously they both were at Amrita Arora’s Sangeet and more recently at Ramesh Taurani’s wedding anniversary party this year making this encounter the third of its kind.

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