Anil, Akshaye and Satish Gujral work to help children!

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Anil Kapoor and Akshaye Khanna took out time to brighten the day of some children by visiting them in Badarpur. They visited the children at a project that is sponsored by “Plan India”, which is an organization that works to help underprivileged children. The children greeted the two actors enthusiastically, they had loads of fun doing a song and dance number and it was a special experience for all.

Anil said, “My association with Plan India has given me a platform to do something meaningful for the betterment of millions of children across the country.”

Anil has decided to use his forthcoming film, Gandhi, My Father to help raise money for these special children. “My upcoming film ‘Gandhi My Father’ depicts relationships, and one such way to nurture a true relationship with children, especially those who need tremendous care and support, is to understand them and their needs,” added Anil.

When celebrated painter Satish Gujral saw Gandhi, My Father, he was inspired to create a painting depicting his interpretation of the film. “I have tried to portray the agony of a son for his father and his love for him. The belt depicts his pain and his search for his father,” said Satish Gujral. This amazing piece of artwork will be auctioned off to raise money for a ‘Plan India’ project that will build schools for children living in Jammu and Kashmir whose lives were impacted by the earthquake.

They hope that the auction will raise a lot of money and Anil added that, “We want to build so much hysteria around the painting that it fetches the maximum amount that can benefit the special children. We will also be generating funds for organizations in South Africa and Belgium during a special screening of my film there.”

Akshaye was really moved by the visit with the children and said, “The visit made me realize what all you can do to lend support to these children. I get only a few occasions to visit such places. Coming to Gujral Sahib, he has come out with this spectacular piece of art. The colours and texture of the painting are in sync with the theme of our film.”

Both Akshaye and Anil are honored that the artist was inspired to create the artwork and say they are very grateful to him.

We hope the painting does fetch a high price and that the film does very well at the box office!

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