Anil Kapoor unveils the final season of ’24’ on DVD

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India’s only successful crossover star in Hollywood – Anil Kapoor, unveiled the DVD of 24: Season 8 – the final season of the American television series 24. The suave star, currently rubbing shoulders with the likes of Tom Cruise (for Mission Impossible 4) launched the DVD on Friday, 24th December at the Planet M store in Powai, Mumbai. The DVD was released by Excel Home Entertainment and is available at all leading stores across the country at Rs. 1,499.00. The ageless actor who also celebrated his birthday on the same day interacted with audiences and the media and autographed DVDs for fans and also spoke about his experience while working with the team of 24.

The effervescent star, who has received rave reviews for his stint in the last season from the American media, spoke at length about his experience with 24, and his forthcoming ventures in Hollywood. Omar Hassan (The character played by Anil Kapoor), the President of the fictional Islamic Republic of Kamistan (IRK) was hailed by Los Angeles Times as the most promising performance in Season 8 -; final season of 24. In a pivotal role, Anil Kapoor debuted on the American television series as President Omar Hassan. The story is set after 18 months of Season 7, which involves Jack Bauer contending with assassination threats made during a peace conference between President of the United States Allison Taylor and President Omar Hassan of the fictional Islamic Republic of Kamistan (IRK), a country similar to Iran. Kamistani terrorists, resentful of America and disappointed at Hassan’s willingness to concede their attempts at developing nuclear weapons, turn against their country with the secret aid of the Russian mob, first attempting to assassinate Hassan and then to strike at America directly. Jack discovers the true masterminds behind the successful yet impromptu assassination of both president Hassan and Renee Walker are people working within the Russian government, and is willing to bring the culprits to justice at the cost of a third world war.

The actor who has appeared on the prestigious Today Show on NBC and is been seen as a representative of Indian Diaspora in the west has widened the audience base of the show in India. Says Anil Kapoor, “I am amazed at the following the series garners in India. The addictive nature of the narrative and the relentless plot twists in the political thriller are the hallmarks of the show.”

The DVD was released by Excel Home Entertainment at Planet M and is packed with host of riveting features. Says M.N Kapasi, “We are pleased to put together a fantastic offering with excellent bonus features that extends the excitement to the DVD. The bonus features includes scene makers, the ultimate CTU, Deleted Scenes, virtually New York, Cole’s Arrest. On the other hand, Amit Gupta, COO, Planet M says, “24 has always been a fantastic offering and with the addition of Mr. Kapoor, it just gets more exciting. It’s the finale season and we are overjoyed to have the launch for the same at Planet M.”

Mr. Anil Kapoor, Mr. M.N.Kapasi, Managing Director, Excel Home Entertainment

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