Another Catfight in Bollywood

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It seems that none of our actresses are getting along nowadays. With Bipasha Basu constantly speaking about who she’s not too ‘chummy’ with, namely Katrina Kaif, another group of girls are making their dislike for each other more apparent.

Paritoosh Painter a debutant director making Paying Guest which stars Riya Sen, Celina Jaitely and Neha Dhupia can’t get the girls to cooperate at all. Till now it was much similar to a group of kids who couldn’t play together. However, things went to the next level when Neha Dhupia recently missed a flight and delayed everyone on the sets by at least a whole day, which in the film industry can mean a whole lot more. Time is of the essence after-all.

Neha missed her flight from Dubai to Bangkok and rumour has it that it was due to excessive partying the night before. When she spoke to by Mid-Day, Ms. Dhupia denied the absurd rumours instantly claiming that it was just a matter of miscommunication between her and the airlines services.

So maybe stories of heroines not getting along in Bollywood is not just a myth like they all claim it to be. Only time will tell. Stay tune to BollySpice as we continue bringing you the hottest and spiciest gossip in town!

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