Arjun Rampal on Cloud 9 at Last

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Fans of Arjun Rampal can now rest in peace as their favorite hottie is finally receiving the acclaim and appreciation he truly deserves.

The success and acclaim from Om Shanti Om barely left him before Rock On!! came along, and now everyone is beginning to see him as the long and wavy haired Joe. Speaking to Reuters India, Arjun spoke about how satisfied he is at last to be in the place he is today. He’s getting offers for roles no one would offer him when he started off, and each offers is thoroughly impressive.

Speaking about the success of Rock On!! Arjun said the fact that the movie is doing so well all around, and not just in a limited areas, goes to say that the movie indeed is good.

After playing the villainous producer Mukesh in Om Shanti Om, Arjun returns to yet another character based in cinema with his next release The Last Lear. Arjun claims that his character is perhaps not outright villainous but maybe does have grey shades as he plays a director who wants to make a good film and will go to any lengths to make his dream come true. He admits that even though the character is not villainous, if such a director was to direct him he would not last on the sets very long at all!

In the coming months Arjun continues with his busy schedule as he ventures into a new arena of acting with Prakash Jha’s Rajniti. Along with acting, Arjun is also anticipating the start of his new production venture after I See You.

Well Arjun, everyone here at BollySpice can say that we always knew you had it in you, and it’s about time the rest of the world saw it too!

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