Ashutosh Gowariker to Revisit the Past

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He’s one of Bollywood’s leading directors with a deft touch for period movies. With hits such as Lagaan, Swades and Jodhaa Akbar behind him, it makes sense therefore for Ashutosh Gowariker to consider an historical epic for his next movie – but it’s too soon for him to be certain of the plot. “I’m doing a period film after my next film What’s Your Rashee? But it is a little too early to talk about its details,” he says.

What’s Your Rashee? is a romantic comedy with Priyanka Chopra and Harman Baweja. It will be a brave test of their professionalism after their recent split! But who knows? Perhaps it may rekindle some old magic! Is Ashutosh worried by the flop that was Love Story 2050? “I took Harman much before his Love Story 2050 was released. I think he is a good actor and not only that, he is also a wonderful dancer and his comic timing is very good. Besides, Harman and Priyanka look good together. It doesn’t matter if his film hasn’t worked.” It doesn’t? In another promising sign for the movie, Ashutosh recognises that he’s never done comedy before. “I haven’t done comedy ever. It is difficult. And the fact that I have based my story out of a book doesn’t make it any easier for me. In fact, it has made it tougher for me,” he explains.

But there’s no doubt that he’s on safer ground with historical epics and there are plenty more topics to choose from. “I think Bollywood has lost touch with literature. We need to revive that practice. We still have some lovely old classics that have not come to screen yet. It’s just that we need to explore them rather than making remakes or sequels of other films,” he proposes.

Gowariker has been attending the Worldkids International Film Festival in Delhi where he received an award for providing purposeful entertainment.

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