Asin Heads Back Down South

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The actress whose magic is spreading like wild fire in Bollywood has decided that she wants to keep her Hindi film career a second priority to her South film career.

Asin is headed back down South to Kerala where she will be trained in ancient martial arts form known as Kalaripayattu, which is a required attribute for her upcoming film with Kamal Hassan and Japanese superstar Tadanobu Asano.

Refuting rumours of her playing a Japanese girl in the film, Asin clarifies that she is playing a tradition Indian girl in the film. The movie will be a Japanese/Tamil bilingual film which will be later dubbed for the Hindi speaking audiences.

When asked why she made the decision to go back down South despite a flourishing career in Hindi cinema, the charming actress replied saying that she’d never intended to stick to Hindi cinema. Simply because Ghajini did well was not a good enough reason for her to abandon the cinema where she got the image she has today.

What a girl! Its not everyday people don’t get swept away with fame and stardom. Over the years we’ve seen countless actresses make it into Hindi cinema and leave their original cinema far behind in the drooping horizon but here’s a girl who will stay true to her roots no matter what!

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