Asin Shooting in Sri Lanka may have repercussions

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Aneez Bazmee is off with his leading cast members Asin and Salman Khan to Sri Lanka to shoot the Hindi remake of Telugu superhit Ready that originally stared Telugu youth icons Ram and Genelia. The Hindi remake has also been titled Ready and Bazmee hopes for a similar reception at the box office as the original had.

However, it is not the film that is the highlight of the news headlines but rather the chosen location of Sri Lanka which Tamil actress Asin will be endorsing. Tamil Cinema is yet to recover from the controversy that has been created by the hosting of IFFA in Colombo and matters have only become more and more serious as the days progressed. The South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce (SIFCC) has gone onto to ban the films of all the Bollywood stars who endorsed the IFFA even, in the state. One recalls that big names like the Bachchans chose to maintain a safe distance from the popular awards ceremony.

Repercussions of stars endorsing the event has already become rather evident. Hrithik Roshan is one such recipient who suffered the consequences for endorsing IFFA as the SIFCC banned his film Kites from the entire state of Tamil Nadu. Furthermore, Ram Gopal Verma’s Rakhta Charitra took quite a big hit because of Vivek Oberoi involvement. Coincidentally, Rakhta Charitra also stars Tamil superstar Surya (original star of Ghajini Tamil) however the impact on Rakhta Charitra was not lessened because of this mere fact and thus Rakhta Charitra will not be released in the named state.

For Asin, the repercussions will be much larger as she’s a homegrown actress from the state of Tamil Nadu and has several upcoming Tamil releases. The actress however is not aloof that she very well be hurting the feelings of thousands of fans and spoke to the media regarding the issue. “I value and care for the feelings of my fans very much. Attending the awards function in Sri Lanka was my call and I decided not to go. But the final decision regarding Ready is to be taken by the producer and I’m contract-bound to shoot for them. I have expressed my concerns and I believe they will be taken into consideration before the final decision is taken.”

We certainly hope that considerations are taken otherwise the actress career and fandom would surely take a great hit, and it certainly won’t be a hit in terms of a box office success.

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