Asin Wins Government Award

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Asin has been awarded the Kalaimamani from the Tamil Nadu government — the highest award on offer in the state. “I’m proud that the state chose me to give its highest honour,” she says, “It is true that this one is my 150th award and the number of awards might sound a mouthful but I have miles to go and lots to achieve. I’m still very young and it’s great to have won so many awards in my film career. I have had a great start in Bollywood and I’m looking to do some good projects in this industry as well as down South.”

Asin works hard to help the underprivileged and actively campaigns on behalf of disabled and disadvantaged NGOs. “Asin hates talking openly about her social work,” explains a source, “She is a private person and does not want to flaunt her good deeds. She secretly takes time off regularly and visits the institutes she is associated with in Kerela and Tamil Nadu. She has been doing it for years now and does not like to be an exhibitionist.”

Asin has recently put the record straight about her diet with conflicting reports recently suggesting on the one hand that she is vegetarian and on the other that she may eats meat constantly. “I do eat meat occasionally but on most days I have a simple vegetarian meal,” she confirms, “When I’m home in Kerala, I cherish my fish curry and rice. However, to say I can’t do without meat even for a day is an exaggerated fact. I’m not carnivorous.”

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