“At night I drive with my shirt off” – Muzammil Ibrahim

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When the film industry looks back at 2007, I think we can all proudly say it opened doors for much-needed newcomers to shower the audience with the entertainment we deserve. Although his debut in Pooja Bhatt’s Dhokha did not gross well at the box office, Muzammil Ibrahim’s flair for acting did not go unnoticed. Perhaps one can say success has hit him in all right angles—whether it’s the Indian ramp or the big screen.

When asked if he was disappointed with Dhokha’s letdown at the box office, he revealed, “It did more than well for me. I think you forgot to read my personal critical reviews before asking me this question. Most of them called me the discovery of the year. I’m more than happy. It had no big star in it only me. I wanted to be taken as a serious actor and I tried my level best to prove it.”

However this newcomer remains an eligible bachelor: “There’s nothing happening on my personal front. There’s no one special in my life right now” Muzammil confesses. So what type of ladies makes this model-turned-actor frisky? “Zeenat Aman, Aishwarya Rai and Bipasha Basu. Internationally, there are so many. My list will go on…. but Megan Fox, Scarlett Johansson, Adriana Lima are a few of them” he admits.

As a model, is he a brand conscious person? Here’s what he had to say: “Definitely! I don’t pick up stuff from the street. I prefer international brands such as Armani and Hugo Boss.” Spoken like a true supermodel! He also adds, “Sometimes at night I drive with my shirt off… that’s my hottest secret.”

So what’s next from this fresh talent? “My next movie should hopefully be out in August. Right now I’m working on Horn, Ok, Pleasss which is a comedy. I also start my next project in June. Unfortunately, I cannot talk about that for now” confirms Ibrahim.

We look forward to seeing more success swing his way. And Rakhesh Sarang’s Horn just might do the trick!

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