Bebo Need 5 Heroes

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Kareena Kapoor is all set to be the next big thing yet again. Only this time around it will be Madhur Bandarkar who will be the captain of the ship as he directs the actress in Heroine. The film will of course, revolve around a central female character which will be played by Bebo. However, the script also demands five men. And this has put the director into a slight fix. According to sources, Kapoor has demanded that these five heroes be A-listed stars rather than any newcomers or “B-listers”.

Apparently, the men will need to play the part of top leading men in the industry and thus, no ordinary stars will do. “Since the five actors to be cast will have to portray the industry’s top leading men, they have to be A-Listers. Newcomers and B-Listers just won’t do!” claimed a reliable source.

The grapevines believe that Kareena is paying close attention to this project as she believes that via Heroine, she will finally be able to attain a National Award. For this reason, she is said to be asking her favorite co-stars, Akshay Kumar, Saif Ali Khan and Salman Khan to be a part of the film.

Not heeded by the pressure, director Madhur Bandarkar went on to add, “We do need five top actors opposite Kareena in Heroine. It should not be a problem. We’re trying to sort it out.”

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