‘Bhoot And Friends’ postponed to 31st December 2010

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Directed by Kittu Saluja and produced under the banner of Wide Angle Media Pvt Ltd, the Hindi feature childrens film Bhoot And Friends is the story of an 11-year-old boy and his little friends who are enjoying their summer vacations. However, all goes haywire when they accidentally get involved in hunting for a lost treasure which is also sought and hunted for by a notorious villain. The kids meet a ghost with magical powers. And thus begins a roller coaster adventures journey that has exciting on the run chase, loads of action and on the edge thrill. The mystery of the lost treasure has to be resolved to save everyone’s lives. Will the Ghost help these four kids?

Playing the Ghost is esteemed actor Jackie Shroff. Also in the starcast are Ashwin Mushran as main villain and Aditya Lakhia along with Child artistes Maarkand Soni, Ishita Panchal, Akash Nair and Tejas Rahate.

Speaking of Tejas, seems he is a very brave young man! The young boy had fractured his hand but since it was the last day of shooting he did not let anyone know on the film or set know. Nor did he let the doctor put on the plaster cast that day. He shot for three hours and only at the end of that did he tell them what had happened. Star Jackie Shroff told him, “Bedu, you are the action hero of Bollywood. Keep it up.”

Originally the film was to release on Christmas Eve, but with all the films (Tees Maar Khan, Toonpur Ka Superrhero and Isi Life Mein) releasing on the 24th Bhoot and Friends has now been moved to New Year’s Eve. Producer Aneesh Arjun Dev explained, “I don’t want to get lost in the crowd on 24th. It makes better business sense to postpone the film. Bhoot And Friends is a good film, one, kids and parents will enjoy. It’s based on bedtime stories that we tell our children and is shot with real time characters, animation and special effects. And Jackie is a hot favorite amongst children.”

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