Bobby Deol’s ‘Perfume’ troubles

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Many women know that a certain perfume can become your signature scent and to some, it is the only fragrance they wear. If the perfume is ever discontinued, the horror! Though we think our perfect scent is wonderful, to some it is just plain stinky and this happened between Bobby Deol and Kangana Ranaut.

He first got a good whiff of the offending perfume while doing a scene for their new film, Roshan. Kangana wears a L’ancome perfume and the floral tones of it were so overpowering to Bobby that he couldn’t concentrate.

A source from the sets said, “Kangana and Bobby usually share a great rapport and a wonderful chemistry. But he hates the perfume that Kangana uses and has told her many times to change it. Recently, while shooting a romantic scene, Bobby had to deliver some romantic dialogues. The minute he went close to Kangana, he turned around and whined out to the director, ‘Her perfume puts me off man’. He just couldn’t get the scene right.”

Bobby even threatened to buy up every bottle of the stuff and then throw them out so she would not be able to wear it anymore.

When asked about the perfume trouble, Kangana laughed and said, “Isn’t buying off all the perfume bottles and gifting them to me a great idea instead? Yes. Bobby hated this floral perfume that I use, but I am quite fond of it. It is one of the best brands available today. But Bobby doesn’t agree on that.”

However Kangana will not be swayed and she still continues to wear the scent in spite of the threats!

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