BollySpice Presents FilmiTalkies: A Weekly Podcast

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You’ve read our reviews, our news and followed us with dedication. And for that, BollySpice readers, we are indebted to you. To enhance your experience at BollySpice, we now bring to you our very own podcast: FilmiTalkies. Through this outlet, you will be able to take a listen to our very own writers, Prathna Tiwari and Roshni Mulchandani, who have donned the RJ caps giving you the latest in Bollywood. Whether its news or gossip, movies or music, you can be sure, the Bolly-fanatic girls will give you the ultimate lowdown before they review and dissect the film of the week. This is entertainment galore! And the girls claim, “Its dil se, dimaag se, Bollywood se!”

Be sure to tune in every week and be prepared for major movie, music, masti and magic!

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