Bollywood Makes it to the Golden Globes

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Right in the year that a couple of Indians claimed two categories at the Oscars and bagged an array of international awards, the authorities in the West have finally realized the mettle of the Indian Film Industry. To offer their due respects to the Bombay Film Industry in particular, the prestigious Golden Globes were asked to have “Best Bollywood Film” category. Indo-Americans have asked Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) to introduce a new award category in Golden Globe Awards starting 2011 of “Best Bollywood Film” for films made in India.

Experts believe that looking at the magnificence that the Indian Film Industry has, both in terms of quantity and quality, it deserves at least one category at the Golden Globes in which the movies could compete among themselves. This gesture of the Golden Globes towards one of the largest film industry is bound to bring in credibility in the international arena, which, experts believe was long overdue.

The Chairman of Indo-American Leadership Confederation, Rajan Zed while talking to media about this move by Golden Globes said that cinema in India, based in Mumbai and various regional centers, reportedly produced much more films and drew much larger audience globally than Hollywood (which released only 610 movies in 2008) and that it was unfair for such an influential cinema not to have its own category at Golden Globes. He also accepted that the Best Foreign Language Film Award at Golden Globes did not do justice to such a large industry.

It is noted that the Golden Globes recognize achievements in 25 categories; 14 in motion pictures and 11 in television. The 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards will be held at Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills (California, USA) on January 17th 2010.

As per the nominations that were announced on December 15th, Up in the Air, directed by Oscar nominated Jason Reitman (of Juno) starring Oscar winner George Clooney (Good Night, and Good Luck) received the most nominations – six categories.

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