Bollywood Quits Twitter

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While a number of Bollywood stars swear by the social networking site, Twitter, a number of prominent personalities who seemed to totally love tweeting, have decided to jump off the bandwagon. In a recent interview with BollySpice, Aamir Khan spoke about how he didn’t feel that Twitter was the correct platform for him as he is a lot more hush-hush about his life. It seems that the actor’s nephew too has realized that this particular method of staying in touch with his fans, also doesn’t work for him. Imran Khan is the latest star who has decided to abandon ship and will not be tweeting hence forth. A source close to the actor claims that while he initially thought it was a great way for him to stay close to his fans all over the world, he has found the site far too “intrusive” and thus has decided that he would much rather not be a part of the Bollywood Twitter fraternity anymore.

But the actor is among many who have chosen to stay away. John Abraham believes it is a total waste of time while girlfriend Bipasha Basu loves to tweet regularly. While rumor mills had previously screamed of Kareena Kapoor on the verge of joining Twitter, it seems that the actress has no time to tweet and will not feature on Twitter anytime soon. Bebo’s cousin Ranbir Kapoor claims that Twitter is far too personal as does Katrina Kaif who has not joined the site till date. Lara Dutta learned the hard way after she was stalked on Twitter. The actress took a sabbatical from tweeting before she rejoined. Saif Ali Khan who is normally pretty savvy chooses to stay way simply because he believes in maintaining a gap between his fans and his personal life.

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