Bollywood stands behind Baba

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It is not only the fans of Bollywood that are coming out in support of Sanjay Dutt. Many of Bollywood’s top celebrities and industry leaders are standing behind him and offer their prayers for him during this terrible time. His close friends, Suniel Shetty and Sanjay Gupta are so distressed that they have stopped working on their projects to think of ways to help Dutt. The entire Hindi film fraternity is in a state of shock and many feel the sentence was much too steep.

Here are just a few of the messages and quotes of support from the Bollywood family:

Priyanka Chopra: “I’m shocked and upset. I wish him and his family strength and courage. I’m sure the film fraternity will stand by him in every possible way. He’s a wonderful person. And since he has already served 16 months, I’m confident the Supreme Court will be lenient. I wish him all the best.”

Bipasha Basu: “I’m shocked. I feel very sad. He has suffered enough. His suffering should’ve stopped by now. All his friends feel helpless. No one can do anything.”

Raveena Tandon: “This is too shocking. I’ve known him for years. And he’s the most lovable person I’ve met. He’s a victim of circumstances and follies. The law is equal for all. And we respect the country’s laws. But six years seems a bit harsh, considering the kind of person Sanjay is. My family and I stand by the Dutts in their moment of crisis. And I really mean it.”

Preity Zinta: “I’m deeply saddened by this verdict. In my heart I’m saying a prayer and I’m looking above for an end to Sanjay’s problems. He made a mistake, but he is not a bad guy. In fact, he’s a terrific guy.”

Mahesh Bhatt: “I get the feeling of d

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