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Twitter has surpassed all social networking sites and Bollywood has joined forces by gathering on the site and tweeting regularly amongst fans and even between each other. As each day passes, a new celeb hops on the tweeting bandwagon making “Twitterverse” the most Bollywood stricken place on the internet. Collaboratively they tweet about issues that concern them, their daily happenings, usual banter and even post photos. Fans across the board love tweeting with their favorite celebs that for the most part actually reply to most queries, questions and heed advice to any confused tweeters. BollySpice decided to give our readers a peek into what exactly our favorite Bwood stars tweet about. Take a read or tweet rather.

Imran Khan (1mrankhan): I have been informed that if I keep a moustache for a week I will find my soulmate. Have taken it under advisement.

Gul Panag (gulpanag): Scoop: tussle between who will walk last results in Arjun rampal, Dino getting miffed and not walking at all. Wah re bollywood.

Riteish Deshmukh (Riteishd): you might hate me but I enjoyed nip tuck season 1n 2, gossip girl, dexter, rome brothers n sisters.

Sonam Kapoor (sonamakapoor): Slept really really well, have been feeling slightly drained, but after acting like kumbh karan and sleeping for several hours, I feel good.

Karan Johar (kjohar25): god…nearly collapsed on the treadmill!! am ageing disgracefully!!

Priyanka Chopra (priyankachopra): There is a new piece of furniture in my house – ME! I haven’t budged from the couch in over 4 hours! Lovin it! Silent bonding with my cousins…

Uday Chopra (udaychopra): Want to strt a new religion..a dynamic one which changes with the followers add to it’s belief-like a wiki-religion.

Lara Dutta (DuttaLara): Have given my maid 2 days off so its kinda nice to have the house and dogs to myself!The dogs r in shock!:-) I am completely at their mercy!

Ram Gopal Varma (rgvzoomin): i care a damn to the critics who want to slam AGYAAT by gettin personal with me…

Mallika Sherawat (MallikaLA): omg mariah carey just told me she loved my necklace:) she’s supposed to be amazing in the film Precious. N she looked gorgeous 2nite!

Dino Morea (DinoMorea9): Got a 2000 odd replies, I guess u all are single, cos no one mentioned that they even look at a boyfriend, or GF, or partner of any sort.

Shruti Haasan (shrutihaasan): sarees are tough attire,how the hell to heroines dance and fight in it man new found respect…!! madhuri dixit you rock:)

Emraan Hashmi (emraanhashmi): my LOW CARB diet makes me dizzzzyyyy !! makes me wanna stuff my mouth with ferrero rochers!

Ayesha Takia Azmi (Ayeshatakia): i think its sad that people make up false stories about actors and i think i should atleast let u people know when that happens to me.

Neil Nitin Mukhesh (NeilNMukesh): doing a film for yash raj films. Directed by pradeep sarkar. With deepika padukone.

Preity Zinta (realpreityzinta): Thanx 🙂 My co star did slap me in Heaven on Earth (Videsh) by mistake ! My ego hurt more than the slap…. ..Fatak !!!

Fardeen Khan (khanff): They found ice and water on the moon now all we need to do is take the scotch.

Anushka Sharma (anushkasharma01): i still lead a very normal life . just that i am in a different profession now.

Abhishek Bachchan (juniorbachchan): it’s off to the gym to work on the one pack!!!!!! hahaha. somebody’s gotta keep it real!

Amrita Rao (Amritarao17): the good, the bad and the ugly of Politics in Bollywood..arggh!!!

Tarun Mansukhani (Tarunmansukhani): Wake up Sid woke me up… with such young filmmakers like Ayan making such amazing films… I must pull up my socks…. and write!!

Lisa Ray (Lisaraniray): joking bout playing the Cancer card now. Get out of queues free: tap, tap: hey, I’ve got cancer, give me your sandwich, I’m taking your spot

Vishal Dadlani (V1SH4L): look, I realise now, painting the lamp was insensitive. My idea, my bad, and I’m sorry. We meant to wish Mumbai love peace and joy.

Neha Dhupia (Neha_Dhupia): backstage at delhi fashion week… people do take alot of liberties in the name of fashion!

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