Bollywood’s Tribute to Michael Jackson

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A seminal influence in the fusion of electronic media and traditional R&B rhythms in the 1980s starting with the iconic Thriller in 1983, Michael Jackson’s tragic early death has left Bollywood reeling. “Michael Jackson was a symbol of fire, passion and talented energy who changed people’s thinking. Youth followed him worldwide, including India, and our film music and dances have been heavily influenced by him,” said top director Subhash Ghai.

Fashion director Madhur Bhandarkar added his thoughts, “We have been listening to his songs since the 1980s. The kind of euphoria that he created at that time was amazing. His death is a great loss – but he will always remain the king of music.”

The former child star with thirteen no.1 hit records had suffered from health problems for some time. “This is actually the end of an era. Our whole generation has grown up listening to his songs. This news is actually very sad and shocking,” said Anurag Basu.

Top choreographer Farah Khan was particularly shocked by the news. “I officially had no training in dance and whatever I learnt was from watching Michael Jackson by watching his videos, especially ‘Thriller’ over and over again,” she explained, “I consider him as my guru.”

Actress and presenter Sophie Chaudhary added, “I couldn’t stop my tears when I heard the news. You cannot be a music lover and not be affected by this most tragic news. Michael Jackson’s music touched hearts, minds, souls and brought people from all walks of life together.”

Sanjay Dutt summed up the feelings of most when he said, “I have never seen an artist with so much talent. He was a great performer and a super entertainer.”

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