Calamari or Parrot Pie in a Dhadkan?

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It’s been a week of extreme anticipation – who will win and become the future oracle – the eight legged walking talking calamari or the predictive parrot – we’ve all been on tenterhooks – well, the octopus got it right and Spain won. We wonder if Bollywood producers will be rushing to its tank to see if it can predict the box office future of their movies!…Parrot pie anyone?

Apart from the World Cup – we, like a lot of the Bollywood Stars, were rooting, Sangrias in hand for Spain after Brazil got kicked out. Pablo’s been holding the fort while Raj has been in out the dentist surgery for his root canal treatment! And its still going on – aaaaaaaaaaargh! One thing that never ceases to amaze us is how Bollywood touches all aspects – in between the drilling the dentist waxed lyrically about he treated Shilpa Shetty and how everyone in the surgery loved Shah Rukh Khan.

One of the true pleasures is meeting up with Dev Anand – the boundless energy and enthusiasm he exudes in infectious. Dev Saab is always gracious and for us, meeting a star who’s legendary career spans three generations makes us tingle – he is Bollywood History personified.

Dev, who had a slight chill, was in London last week with his son Suniel and told us all about his excitement for his forthcoming Charge Sheet. It’s going to be a crime thriller all about a retired police officer who is forced to confront corruption in the form of Naserudin Shah. Dev revealed that there are three new different music directors on the project and it was thrilling for him to record a song with Asha Bhosle after all these years. Also watch out for his classic Hum Dono – which has just been colourised and is set to re-release. Dev plays a double role as an army officer who is caught in a web of mistaken identity alongside Sadhana and Nanda. But what caught us by total surprise was when he revealed the secret of his boundless energy and youth. We were totally floored when he said it all about interacting with people like us – it’s the ability to talk on a one to one basis with everyone and put himself in everyone’s shoes – no matter how young or old, rich or poor! He may even write a script based on our Bollytastic machinations!!……….LOL…Dev Saab we salute you!

Brains with Beauty is how we always refer to the amazing Bipasha Basu. Lamha is set to release this week and Bips told us how much shooting for the movie had affected her. She is no way into politics, but the suffering of ordinary people touched her deeply as she was researching her character of a Muslim woman caught in the troubles of Kashmir. Bipasha revealed it was harrowing to be shooting in the midst of so much turbulence and was frightened of her own personal safety. Initially she was hesitant accepting the role – she thought her duskiness would not suit the role, but after reading the script was convinced by the director she would be ideal for the role opposite Sunil Dutt and the dashing Kunal Kohli. We think that this role will reveal the extent to which Bipasha has developed as an actor.

Like Pablo, Bipasha also has a fear of flying and revealed she was so scared on a small private jet when it hit serious turbulence – she had just finished filming for Priyadarshan’s Akrosh – she reverted to the Gayatri Mantra to make sure nothing bad happened. We are definitely going to learn the Mantra from her.

On a lighter note, we are all going handbag shopping when she comes to London when John shoots for Dostana 2– it’s her one big weakness. Bipasha also enjoyed shooting for Rohan Sippy’s Dum Maro Dum in her favourite place Goa. She agreed with us that one of the biggest pranksters in Bollywood is Abhishek Bachchan – who is so full of beans that you are always in stitches of laughter.

We are really pleased that one of the most under rated actors in Bollywood, Suniel Shetty is finally getting his due. Last time we hooked up was when he had just won the award for Best Actor at the South Asian Indian Film Festival for Red Alert. Well, the film has finally been released – (everywhere apart from the UK that is!!) and Suneil was even praised in the New York Times for his performance. Suneil told us he is pleased at the reaction and after 20 years in the industry feels he is finally being appreciated for his craft. He plays a man caught up with the Naxalite movement alongside Sameera Reddy and Seema Biswas. Suniel is an extremely down to earth, understated star and doesn’t enjoy any networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter. Apart from movies he has been busy scouting Universities in the USA for his daughter, Aathiya who is all set to study Drama there.

After chatting to Suniel we thought if only apt that this week’s Raj&Pablo’s BOLLYTASTIC REWIND IN TIME – is the modern day love classic Dhadkan, which was released ten years ago. Suniel Shetty won the Filmfare Award for Best Villain in this Dharmesh Darshan love triangle also starring Akshay Kumar and Shilpa Shetty. The story is simple – Shilpa is a rich girl in love with poor boy Suneil when her parents refuse their rishta, Shilpa has an arranged marriage with the rich Akshay Kumar. Suneil wows revenge and wants to win Shilpa back. Will Shilpa leave Akshay after he wins her heart for her first love? Will Suneil destroy Akshay with his newfound wealth and anger at rejection? What will happen to his business partner Mahima Chaudhry who is lighting a candle for Suneil?

The chemistry between all three stars is magnetic – and Suneil excels as the thwarted lover. Akshay is understated and Shilpa just lights up the screen and looks stunning. The music is Nadeem Shravan at their best – Alka Yagnick won the Filmfare Award for Playback for ‘Dil Ne Yeh Kaha’. The late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan sings ‘Dulhe Ka Sehra’ – a song played at almost every wedding we have ever been to! And ‘Na Na Karte’ is wonderfully picturised. So grab the DVD, curl up on the sofa a loose yourself in this melodramatic love story.

Here is ‘Na Na Karte’ for your viewing pleasure!

We are all geared up for our Raj&Pablo’s Bollywood Nights@The Cobden Club on the 31st of July – not only are we joined by the stunning Karen David but also the 15 Finalists of the forthcoming Miss Bollywood awards. It’s going to be a night of glitz n glam so if you are in London does join us!

Till next week,

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