Cat-Fight 3: Kangana Ranaut vs Jiah Khan

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It seems to have all started when Aamir Khan replaced Kangana for Jiah in the movie Ghajini after an unfortunate interview in which Kangana had talked about the movie – a definite no-no in the Aamir camp.

Recently, it was reported that Kangana, perhaps feeling unable to criticise someone as powerful as Aamir, was heard bad-mouthing Jiah on the set of Raaz 2, claiming that she would never be able to hold down the role in Ghajini properly. It’s rumoured that Jiah then phoned Kangana and asked her point-blank why she was doing this. Apparently an argument broke out and the two actresses haven’t spoken since.

The line of attack then shifted with Kangana claiming that Jiah was imitating her dress – they both share the same designer, Rick Roy – and Jiah’s manager claiming that the designer favours Kangana. A source close to the designer had said that recently Kangana wore a gold dress to a function and the day after Jiah asked for the same dress. However, Rick denies it was the same, “Both Jiah and Kangana took gold outfits from me recently, but they didn’t have an identical design,” he argues, “It’s just that the fabric used for both the outfits was the same. Kangana is a friend and we have worked together for a long time. I won’t deny that. I have designed Kangana’s clothes for Fashion and Jiah’s for Ken Ghosh’s upcoming film. But, they both play different characters in the respective films. Neither Kangana nor Jiah should feel insecure.”

Kangana and Jiah’s careers are moving pretty much in parallel which might help to explain the rivalry. Kangana won the Best Female Debut Award for Gangster and has also starred in Life…in a Metro and Shakalaka Boom Boom. She will soon be seen in both Fashion and Raaz 2. Meanwhile Jiah debuted opposite Amitabh in Nishabd, where her sex appeal was instantly recognised, and is now hoping that Ghajini will propel her into the big league. She also has Ken Ghosh’s film with Shahid Kapoor in the pipeline.

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