Celeb Ghostwriters on Twitter

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A few days ago a popular tabloid reported a story claiming that a number of stars who have become regular tweeters actually hire ghostwriters in the form of PR executives and brand managers who tweet on their behalf. According to the CEO of Pinstorm, a Digital Management Firm, “Several movie stars have their Twitter accounts handled entirely by their PR people. Others do a hybrid model — having mass tweet-outs done by PR people while replying to some specific tweets themselves.” And supporting this fact, a PR executive to a popular actor confirmed this news. “Yes, many of us do tweet for our masters. I literally had to force him to tweet and he finally got down to it. Another actor known for his action and, more recently, comic roles, has his brand managers writing his tweets for him. It’s the done thing,” he admitted.

In fact a few of the stars who cannot spell, i.e. Shahid Kapoor and additionally, stars who refuse to budge from publicizing their films nonstop ala Mallika Sherawat and Hiss, summarized another PR executive

Two days later, after the story became news amidst the celeb crew, a number of actors came out in defense of their tweets. A clearly upset Mallika Sherawat tweeted, “Its the media that needs ghostwriters!”

On the other hand, producer Pritish Nandy came out to claim, “Imagine a Twitter where only bots and PR agencies interact with each other?” He later added, “Why use a platform you can’t handle yourself? Compulsions of fame?”

And lastly, it was Vivek Oberoi who claimed, “My lines are my own 🙂 No ‘pr’ job here… just a regular twitter addiction! P.s. …and my pics are my own too… no professional photographer that I carry in my pocket… just my humble overworked blackberry! ;)”

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