Chance Pe Dance

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I always find myself reviewing a film in the early part of the year, that doesn’t fail to make me want to shun away from watching Hindi films forever. Last year it was Chandni Chowk to China and this year it has to be Chance Pe Dance. Granted that Ken Ghosh shares a great rapport with Shahid Kapoor especially after their Ishq Vishq days, however is it really necessary for them to collaborate N amount of years later to make sure utter rubbish? And if that isn’t enough, the director takes on the ultra noisy Genelia D’Souza too who also fails to help this film gain any credibility. What really hurts is that the promos that were circulating on the idiot box really had us believing that Chance Pe Dance was going to be a fun film with Shahid dancing and obviously taking a chance on Genelia D’Souza simultaneously. There was dancing and some chance maroing, but that really wasn’t enough to save this film. Alright then, let’s get this over with then.

Sameer Behl (Shahid Kapoor) is your average wannabe actor who comes to Mumbai ready to take on Bollywood. However, while he is kicked around from one studio to the other, he manages to gain interest in the eyes of a popular director who signs him on for a film after seeing him dance on stage. Of course, he is later dumped from the film. He is then left to fend for himself as he begins to live in his car after losing his job and having no source of income. Behl then takes on the role of a dance teacher who gets involved in an inter-dance championship. And then there is the love angle between Tina (Genelia D’Souza) and Sameer. Eventually, Sameer does manage to gain some recognition and finally becomes a well-known actor.

No, no, no. Chance Pe Dance does not work at all. You are not at all interested in what transpires in Sameer’s life simply because you are not at all interested in his life. You don’t sympthasize nor do you empathize with the character of Sameer. If anything, you simply want to tell him, “Find another job dude.” The plot is half-baked and incredibly boring. Music-wise too, you really don’t feel the need to tap your feet, snap your fingers or even get up and dance. As a director and writer, Ken Ghosh fails in all departments.

Shahid is a complete waste. After Kaminey, expectations of the actor have only risen and honestly his performance in CPD was nothing short of garbage. But the actor was given a character that has nothing going for it except the dancing which Shahid is a pro at. Genelia too is a waste in this film. As usual she screeches and screams, laughs and speaks in a high-pitched voice; nothing new.

Overall, there is nothing to really talk about when it comes to Chance Pe Dance. You can totally disregard this film even on DVD. CPD doesn’t display any good acting nor does it make you instantly feel sorry for struggling actors. There is a saying I often use when it comes to ignore people I do not feel the need to entertain: avoid and ignore. The same is the case with Chance Pe Dance; avoid and ignore.

Our Rating

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