Charmi is a Horrifying Actress

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Horror and Thriller movies are the flavour of the month in Bollywood and Tollywood at the moment and Charmi is joining the bandwagon with her latest offering, 16 days, which also stars newcomer, Arvind. The producers hope it will be as big as her recent horror film, Mantra.

“As the name suggests, the film is a gripping tale of events that play out in a 16-day span,” says the director, Prabhu Soloman. Charmi is particularly pleased with the music in the film. “I am sure this film will be a milestone in my career. It has the most romantic song that I have heard in a long time,” she says.

Charmi first hit the big time in Tollywood with Gowri and Mass, the latter of which also starred Nagarjuna. She won a Best Actress Award for her performance in Anukokunda Oka Roju.

The highly-imaginative Charmi was asked what her dream role would be. “I want to do 10 different characters in one film. I don’t mind playing the role of even a hooker or a 2-scene role. I would do it for free if any producer offers me this dream project. If nobody comes forward, I don’t mind producing that film myself!”

And what is her ultimate ambition? “I want to be a star on the Moon. I would call the film industry on the Moon, Mollywood. One day people will start living on the Moon. And a film industry will shift over there and I would love to star in films made on the Moon for the people living on the Moon.”

Still only 19, the charming Charmi has a big interplanetary future ahead of her!

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