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A dash of style with loads of attitude and a hunger to reach the stars, Lafangey Parindey is about a group of youngsters living in the backstreets of Mumbai. It is an unusual love story of Nandu (Neil Nitin Mukesh) and Pinky (Deepika Padukone) whose path to love is paved by friendship, grit and hope. The film is an unusual, edgy love story about the never say die spirit even when your last chip is down. It is an intriguing journey of a blindfolded street fighter and a blind dancer who, along with four friends, set out to achieve the impossible. Directed by Pradeep Sarkar and produced by Aditya Chopra, the film comes to theaters on August 20th!

Pinky Palkar (Deepika Padukone)
D.O.B.: 20th April 1987

What separates Pinky from the rest of her friends is her determination and a will to fly. She desperately wants to get out of her ordinary existence and make it big in life. She wasn’t particularly brilliant in academics but was a kickass dancer on skates! And her street smart mind figured that you don’t need
degrees to be successful in life. Pinky had the talent; all she needed was the right break and she was willing to push the limit to get it. Not even being blind was going to stop her!

Nandan Kamthekar aka One-Shot Nandu (Neil Nitin Mukesh)
D.O.B.: 10th July 1984

Nandu is a champion fighter who lives life on his own terms and is a local hero amongst his friends. He fights instinctively and blindfolded, knocking out his opponents with one final blow which has earned him his nick-name, One-Shot Nandu. He lives in Tilak Waadi, a small backstreet of Mumbai and leads a carefree life with his three other friends – fooling around doing bike stunts. But somewhere deep down, there is another side to a man who was born wild and born to fight which soon surfaces after he meets Pinky Palkar.

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