Complaint Against Akki

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By now we are sure that everyone knows what a prankster Akshay Kumar is. With columns after columns being devoted to his numerous pranks on his unsuspecting co-stars, it comes as a surprise that his Khatta Meetha female lead Trisha has still to witness Akki’s mischievous side.

During an interview, Trisha revealed that Akshay has yet to make a fool of her. “A lot of people have asked me if Akshay has played a prank on me during the shoot. It’s quite shocking as a huge number of people have asked me the same question. But no he has never played a prank on me and it’s quite surprising.” Akshay had not even spared Rajpal Yadav on the sets when he had made calls to Rajpal in a female voice proposing to him!

However that’s not to say that he didn’t trouble her. Akki, who doesn’t memorize his dialogues, had placed the script in the set room for reading during the shoot. Director Priyadarshan removed the document but Akshay suspecting otherwise flicked Trisha’s phone instead. After hours of searching, she finally went to Priyan Sir, as he is fondly called, who revealed the culprit behind the theft!

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