Crackers – an animation film based on 26 November

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Crackers, an Animation film, inspired by and based on the 26 November attack on Mumbai, held its muhurat with song recording with Shaan and Hariharan. Directed and produced by Anil Goyal under the banner of R.T.M. Technologies, Crackers is destined to be India’s first 3–D full length animation feature film with 4–D Technology.

It’s scheduled to release before the end of the year 2010. The film is being made in India using professional animation talent for which India has been a known outsourcing destination by the leading Hollywood film studios. Deepak Sehwag, is working with a project–team of 70 professionals of R T M Technologies Pvt Ltd. Story is by Priyank Dubey and music is by Dilip Sen. Songs are done by singers Shaan, Shreya Goshal, Hariharan, Pamela Jain, Raja Hasan, Jolly Mukherjee etc.

USP of the movie is its great Music and never seen before action sequences in history of Indian Cinema with 4D effects. Post Production would be done by Prasad Lab Chennai.

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