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More than anything Dabangg promised to be a fultoo out-and-out masala-filled paisa vasool film. From the promos itself, Dabangg looked and reminded viewers of old school nineties films which basically needed a number of insane stunt-filled action sequences to sort out a conflict in the film, some great tunes, emotions, sassy dialogues packed with foul language and a popular hero. Check, check, check and check for Dabangg. Post Wanted, Salman Khan was back in his action avatar which we all loved and crave for, but this time he added an extra component: a moustache. But that didn’t deviate from what we love about Salman Bhai: style, suave and immense swagger. If that wasn’t enough to make you hit the cinema halls, first time director Abhinav Singh Kashyap decided to launch Sonakshi Sinha. The newbie actress was seen out and about talking much about the film and her experience with “the” Khan. It was a film filled with firsts. Dabangg is also Arbaaz Khan’s first production film and is the also the pehla time we see Mallaika Arora Khan dance with her brother-in-law Salman to the rocking-jiving Munni Badnaam. Alright, enough already! Let’s get down to business. Is Dabangg as fearless as it claims to be? Is Salman Khan’s star power enough to make Dabangg the hit of 2010?

Chulbul Pandey (Salman Khan) is a complex, angry, corrupt police inspector in Lalganj, Uttar Pradesh. Furious at his step father’s (Vinod Khanna) one-sided love for his son Makhanchand (Arbaaz Khan), he looks for ways to put them down in front of his mother (Dimple Kapadia). However, while he is corrupt, he does look out for the greater good and is constantly bringing justice to the poorer folks in his area. During a usual fight out with his arch enemy, the youth politician Cheddi Singh (Sonu Sood), he bumps into Rajo (Sonakshi Sinha) and is immediately in love. On the other hand, Cheddi Singh is looking for ways to eliminate Chulbul and manages to manipulate his Makhanchand after killing off his mother and hospitalizing his father. Realizing he is being exploited, Makhanchand ends his feud with his brother Chulbul in hopes to get revenge for the pain Cheddi Singh has caused the Pandey family.

Dabangg is your complete Bollywood film. As a director, Kashyap has come out with a real winner on his hands simply because Salman Khan’s performance is outstanding. When you looking for a real solid plot, it would be unfair to say that it exists in Dabangg. However, that said, the film works because it houses everything required for a film to work at the box office and also win over viewers: it entertains. Actually, Dabangg’s script has been seen time and time again in the nineties: two rival brothers who are constant logger heads with one another as well as a tarnished father-son relationship. Dabangg is different because it is set in modern day Uttar Pradesh which is struck by constant corruption and political strife. What really works for the script is the incredible dialogues which are rustic and raw but powerful. So despite of its pass

Our Rating

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