Daddy Cool

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Generally it seems that the most hit OSTs of the year come from comedy films, for example the Golmaal series, Partner and the various Priyadarshan laughter riots have always boasted a high position on the charts. So naturally with Daddy Cool being branded as another laugh riot in the making much is expected from its OST. Music directors Raghav Sachar, Farhad and Sajid come together to deliver the music of this multi starrer comedy starring Aftab Shivdasani, Aart Chabharia, Sunil Shetty, Tulip Joshi and many more. Read on to find out if this soundtrack puts a smile on your face just like the film promises to do or does it make you cringe…

Raghav Sachar starts off the album with the title track, Daddy Cool which you all may be familiar with since it got some good play on the various music channels. The track is packaged in the true Raghav Sachar fashion! It sports the classic RS wind instruments especially the trademark flute. Raghav’s talent of making a song up beat yet soothing at the same time definitely is a unique trait that sets him apart from the crowd. Along with Sachar the track features vocals from Paroma P Das Gupta. The only perhaps let down is the chorus, which is not as impressive as the rest of the song which is a shame since that is the portion that we must listen to over and over again. If you want something a bit different than try out the remix which is as enjoyable with a different take on the tempo, beats and even ‘punjabi’ feel added.

Next enters Neha with Nasha Nasha. The track is sleek and stylish with somewhat a Moroccon/Jamaican feel. Neha’s vocals fit in perfectly with the style. We definitely need to hear more from her. The lyrics are nothing outstanding but nor are they bad either. Just your average track of loosening up and having a great time and the music definitely caters for doing exactly that. There’s a remix too in case you’re in search for a different take of the same track.

After Neha music director Farhad joins the singers list with Life Life. The singer cum composer has a very refreshing and stylish voice that listeners will definitely take a liking to in today’s day and age when we all want something different to the monotonous style of vocals we’re accustomed to. Lyrics of the track keep in tune with its ‘crude’ ‘raw’ style as it talks about the various ups and downs of life. The track definitely won’t be everyone’s cup of tea so try it out for yourself and see if it strikes a chord with you.

Well strangely enough that’s where the album ends. Three tracks and two remixes is all that there is to this OST but the CD also encompasses two tracks addition tracks from Adnan Sami’s Dhamaal (‘Dhamaal’ and ‘Miss India Martee Mujhe’).

All in all Daddy Cool will definitely be a common name in every household thanks to Raghav Sachar’s catchy title track but apart from that the album really has nothing else especially unique to offer. Catch these tracks on your music channel before you make the decision to head to the music stores!

Our Rating

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