Darsheel on TZP and Hrithik

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Everyone has raved about the outstanding performance of Darsheel Safary, in the film Taare Zammen Par. Recently he gave an interview and discussed his fame, working with Aamir, partying and who is his favorite movie hero.

About how he got the debut role of a lifetime Darsheel said, “It all happened when Amole uncle (writer and creative director Amole Gupte) came to watch me perform at a show. Even Shiamak uncle recommended me and then I auditioned before Aamir uncle.”

He then went on to talk about working with Aamir, “My biggest kick was working with Aamir uncle and that too with perfection. It’s a big word but we just had to be perfect.” The adorable boy even revealed that Aamir taught him how to cheat at Uno.

As we know boys will be boys and this boy likes to stay up way to late to party and he got in trouble for it. “He (Aamir uncle) scolded me once at Panchgani. We were supposed to go to bed by 8 pm. But I always used to party from nine till three-four in the morning. I made Tanay, my best friend in Taare Zameen Par and Sachet, my brother in TZP , party with me. There were other boarders too who joined in. But I was the only one yawning at the next day’s shoot.”

As we can see he is a mischievous one and that apparently is the way he is at school too but he says, “Every child is naughty. Now I am no longer five million times naughty. I am a good boy.”

About fame Darsheel said, “I think I’m famous but my mother, father and even Aamir uncle have warned me to not feel so proud.” But there is a downside to fame and Darsheel says, “I get bugged when girls touch my cheeks.” And though his four friends at school have stood by him, he has been bullied, “I have these four friends Keval, Ashay, Heet Thakkar and Raj — they’ll be happy I named them — who have always encouraged me. But the others bullied me saying, ‘Pata hai tujhe paisa mil raha hai. Zyada urr mat.’”

Changing the subject Darsheel said “I’d much rather talk about my hero Hrithik Roshan. I like him 5,000 times, no, make it five million times. It is my dream to work with him.”

Even though Darsheel, of course, would work with Aamir uncle again in a minute, he still feels that Hrithik is his favorite hero and explains, “If tomorrow I work with Saif, I can’t say he is my hero. I need to have my own choice, you see.”

We hope to see this remarkable little actor in many more films perhaps with Saif or gasp with his dream, Hrithik. We look forward to watching this rising star’s career as he grows up and wish him the best of luck.

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