Deepika and Asin are Buddies

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Deepika Padukone and Asin are not rivals and in fact are friends. In this day and age where actresses are constantly attacking one another and looking for ways to outdo one another, this is rather refreshing. The actresses are not only send one another over a dozen SMS messages on a daily basis, but also get along very well together. Both actresses are not only from South India but according to Asin, they both are “Daddy’s girls.” Both actresses are extremely close to their fathers. It is said that Asin thinks the world of her father while Deepika apparently “worships the ground” her father walks on.

Both actresses who have extremely busy schedules do find time to hang out with one another. Currently, Deepika is shooting for Kartik Calling Kartik with Farhan Akhtar. Asin is in the midst of shooting London Dreams with Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan. Between the early birds, they have a whole range of movies that are on the brink of release. Strangely, while Deepika is openly dating Ranbir Kapoor, Asin is said to be single. Although, co-star Salman Khan has shown much interest in the newcomer and is said to have been so impressed with her, that he has gifted her with a car and new apartment in Mumbai.

Watch this space to see if this new and blooming friendship continues or falls flat.

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