Deepika Padukone not in Basu’s Next

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Deepika Padukone certainly made a splash with her debut film Om Shanti Om. Audiences loved her performance and she is on her way to being a superstar. Currently, she is working on Siddharth Anand’s next, opposite Ranbir Kapoor and she is also going to star opposite Akshay Kumar in Made in China. However, sadly one big film has slipped through her hands. She had signed on to star opposite Hrithik Roshan in Anaurag Basu’s next film but now it seems that that is not to be.

The report is that the producer Rakesh Roshan along with Basu did not feel she was the right girl for the part so they have decided to look for someone else.

Roshan said, “Deepika didn’t fit the role. We’ll definitely work with her in future for some other project. It’s quite a complex character and we are looking out for a female lead.”

Basu confirms this saying, “We are yet scouting for the female lead.”

The romantic film is centered around Latin dance and Hrithik will be portraying a Salsa dancer, so the star opposite him must also be skilled in that dance style. A source said, “Filmkraft (Roshan’s production house) and Anurag have been auditioning girls. The female lead needs to be a Salsa dancer.”

The film goes to the floor in July of 2008, which gives them some time to find a new heroine. Also gives Hrithik’s knee time to heal before he begins to sway his hips to a Salsa beat!

Though this was not the role for her, we look forward to see Deepika shine in her next two films. We will make sure to report all the news so be sure to check back here everyday!

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