Denise Richards Loves Kissing Akshay

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Hot Bond girl Denise Richards, who features opposite Akshay Kumar in Kambakht Ishq, says he’s a good kisser. “Akshay was so down to earth and very genuine,” she said, “He made me feel very comfortable, plus he’s a good kisser! I can see why he’s India’s sexiest actor.” The film, which also stars Kareena Kapoor and features Superman Brandon Routh and Rocky Sylverster Stallone opens on July 3rd.

Following the launch of the successful trailer for the movie, an absolute frenzy is developing around its opening. “This is a film for the masses but with a rich international feel to it that would break the mass versus class barrier,” said producer Sajid Nadiadwala, “We have the best of both the worlds in the film with Kareena Kapoor playing a supermodel. The Akshay-Kareena combination is the one to watch out for. Akshay is a superstar and he is here to stay.”

Akshay, who is normally superstitious about openings will be breaking his taboo for this one. He will be leaving a family holiday early in order to return for the premiere in Mumbai. “Akshay is in US right now. He is on a break to spend time with his family, but has now curtailed his vacation and will be back on June 30,” added Sajid, “Usually Akshay is superstitious and makes it a point to fly out of town before his release and returns only a day after the film has been released. He normally makes it a point to never attend any premieres of his films.”

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