Dhoom 2.5 Coming to Your PC

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Get ready to Dhoom again because the super-hit film Dhoom 2 is being made into a video game for your personal computer. FXLab Studios along with Yash Raj Films have joined together to develop the 3D game, the first one ever based on a Bollywood film. The full length game, called D:2.5, will follow the action packed story of the film and players will get to choose which character they would like to be, whether it is Hrithik’s Mr A, Aishwarya’s Sunheri or Abhishek’s A.C.P. Jai Dixit.

According to Sashi Redii chairman of FXLab Studios, “D:2.5 will boast of international AAA quality production standards. The offline game will stick to the storyline presented in the movie so that the gamers can expect an exciting finish with a chance to play skateboarding sequences and dance to the super-hit songs.”

So get ready to join in on the fun when D:2.5 hits stores this April.

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