Disney and Yash Raj Team Up!

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It was reported today that Disney is making a deal with Yash Raj Films to produce animated films in India. They will be a co-production of Disney and Yash Raj with Aditya Chopra overseeing the production in India. The films will be Disney animation but with the voices of Bollywood stars.

Of the partnership, Disney Studios chairman Dick Cook said it would “create exceptional animated films in the Indian language that are culturally relevant for the avid movie-going audiences in India and around the world.”

Disney executive Shyam P. S. added that, “Disney will start with simple stories mixing singing, dancing, humour and the “in your face” emotion typical of Bollywood-style productions.”

The new business enterprise will make one film a year and the first film will feature the voice talents of Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor. The animated feature, “Roadside Romeo” (a working title) will be released next year.

Disney has struggled to make a mark in India with their films but they are hoping this new venture using the voice talents of Bollywood stars will be a commercial success.

They also have another venture geared towards success in India; they are planning to take many of their hits made in the US and make Indian versions of them. First up is the widely popular “High School Musical” which could be called a Bollywood Style Musical as it is. Disney is planning to have an “American Idol” type competition to cast Indian actors for the roles.

About the deal with Yash Raj, Cook added that, “Animation is a new and rapidly expanding area in India, and the collaboration between Disney and YRF Studios will bring the very best in story-telling and cutting edge technology together.”

We look forward to seeing what comes of this exciting new venture!

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