Do Knot Disturb

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Slapstick comedies have almost become the norm in Hindi cinema. In fact nearly every other funny flick that is releases deals with infidelity, which seems to have become a hot trend with Bollywood filmmakers. And yet again another one hits your cinema which deals with the same subject: Do Knot Disturb. Back after a hiatus, the hit jodi of Vashu Bhagnani and David Dhawan are back with a bang ready to tickle your funny bone. Starring the king of comedy, Govinda, his most likely successor Ritiesh Deshmukh, funny gal Lara Dutta and the ultra suave Sushmita Sen, DND has already created waves with its peppy music and fun dances. However, one can only be skeptical especially with the number of films which attempt to take a lighter look at marriage. So, will the awesome trio of Dhawan, Bhagnani and Govinda create history and once again manage to kick-start their previous successful run? Or will you be asking them to refrain from disturbing you next time round? Sit back; you’re about to find out!

Business tycoon Raj (Govinda) is living life large by wasting his wife’s Kiran’s (Sushmita Sen) inherited wealth. The extremely bored and frustrated Raj decides that it is time to do something wild in his life and starts dating a supermodel Dolly (Lara Dutta). Kiran realizes that something is definitely wrong with her husband and hires on Detective John Matthew (Ranvir Shorey) to spy on Raj. Upon realizing this, Raj quickly decides to cover his tracks and pays the local waiter Govardhan (Ritiesh Deshmukh) to act as the supermodel’s boyfriend. The money desperate waiter agrees and thus begins a rollercoaster. Add to that the waiter’s ailing mother (Himani Shivpuri) and the supermodel’s angry ex-boyfriend (Sohail Khan) and what you have is a serious trouble in marriage-land.

Does it take merely Govinda, a slapstick comedy and David Dhawan to guarantee box-office success? Negative. DND is not an atypical comedy that has previously come out of the Dhawan camp simply because it is funny in bits and not throughout. In fact some of the scenes are extremely overdone in dialogue and performance. As usual, there is no logic which is normal of David Dhawan films and thus shouldn’t be expected. Honestly, the film is cannot be accredited with great comedies that Dhawan has produced in the past and especially not those which he came out with during the nineties. As a script, the film has holes galore and the climax arrives before you know it making the film look far too incomplete. And while the songs of are incredibly peppy and fun, they are placed so abruptly, it loses an immense amount of credibility. As a director, Dhawan is just as he was many years ago, but has obviously moved on in his style with time.

Performance wise, of course Govinda makes the film worth watching for his great comic-timing and dialogue delivery. He is at his usual funny self; another winner for the actor. Ritiesh Deshmukh too is apt and handles comedy very naturally. The chemisty between Govinda and him is perhaps the highlight of the film. Sushmita Sen does a fine job and for a change behaves like a suspicious wife correctly. Lara Dutta is such a letdown! She ham and overacts and behaves far too bimbo-like even for a model. On an upper, she looks fantastic! Ranvir Shorey and Sohail Khan provide good support as does Himani Shivpuri.

Do Knot Disturb is worth watching if you are an avid Govinda fan who must catch all his insane releases irrespective of their storyline. If you’re looking for a film where you can “leave your brains at home” this is your best best. Otherwise, you’re better off watching Partner again or even ordering an older David Dhawan flick that will definitely tickle your funny bone. DND is an average affair.

Our Rating

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