Don 2 to be penned by Farhan Akhtar

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Farhan Akhtar is certainly a busy boy with not only acting projects but also a new film as a producer and he is getting ready to work on his next project as director. He is working on Kartik Versus Kartik as an actor; he will be producing Abhishek Kappor’s next film and his directing project? Well, that is the highly, highly anticipated sequel to his hit Don that starred Shah Rukh Khan.

In fact Akhtar is not only directing Don 2, he is also writing the script and two newcomers who are also Don fans join him. Akhtar told Subhash K Jha, “The first film was my father’s vision. He had written the original Don featuring Mr. Bachchan. But Don 2 is being written by fans only. These are yours truly and two new enthusiastic boys Ameet and Amreesh who came to me with their ideas on how the story can be carried forward. I’ve thrown my ideas at them. Don 2 is basically being written by three Don fans who are having a ball carrying the story forward.”

Also in the pipeline for Farhan in his director avatar is the much delayed project Voices from the Sky. It seems it is casting issues that stopped to project from going to the floor but Farhan says it will be made one day. “It’s strange. No matter who it is and no matter how big or small the director, everyone of us is facing casting problems. Finding the right actors has become a major problem. Voice From The Sky did get delayed because I couldn’t find the right actor. But I know I’ll come back to it. And one day when you see it, you’ll realize why I had to make this film.”

About not being cast in Abhishek Kapoor’s next film, which is based on Chetan Bhagat’s novel The 3 Mistakes Of My Life, Farhan says he is happy to be producing the film since Kapoor does not see him fit any of the characters. “ “Gattu has very specific ideas on whom he wants to cast. If he thinks I don’t fit any part that’s fine. I’m just happy producing his film.”

He has almost finished his work on Kartik Versus Kartik and it seems this character will show a different side to the actor. Akhtar says he really worked to get into the mode of the loner character and even utilized some Method Acting techniques, “Lately I’ve just been switching off from the world for the sake of my character. If you want to call it method acting, so be it. It was the nature of the character I was playing. He’s a guy lost in his world. So I was making an effort to isolate myself,” he says. Kartik Versus Kartik also stars Deepika Padukone.

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