Drunken Fans Scare Siddharth

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South Superstar Siddharth, who made his Bollywood debut with the 2006 Blockbuster Rang De Basanti and garnered critical acclaim for his performance in this year’s Striker found that fame has its downsides, the hard way. A few days back, Siddharth was busy watching the FIFA match when he heard incessant ringing at his door. “At 2.30am this morning, 2 drunks rang my doorbell 50 times, and then tried to break down the door, before security came and took them away,” he posted on Twitter. These self-claimed fans tried to barge in and take pictures stating that people like them made the stars. Luckily for him, no damage was done but he was pretty shaken up. “Didn’t sleep coz i was too shaken up. They’re not fans, just drunk sickos. Period. In ten years of my career, this has never happened. I am disturbed out of my skin. My family and friends are panicking. I’m going to take very serious steps to make sure this never happens again,” he tweeted. He was thankful for the support and concern of his many followers.

However, what irked him more than the two prospective gatecrashers was the reaction he received from some of the people regarding the incident on the site. “I just want the ones who care to know that on this forum there are people who think this is a joke, or that its just a minor incident, and that is deeply saddening. Someone tries to break down your hotel room door at 2.30,its perverse! All those who found it amusing or justified or normal, get a life!” he signed off.

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