Dus Kahanaiyaan

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It is not often that you go into a cinema hall to watch one movie and come out having watch ten different ones. Dus Kahanaiyaan provides that rare opportunity. Ten refreshing stories from six talented directors; performed by some of the finest actors of the industry. Now if you’re thinking “oh gosh another Darna Mana Hai, Darna Zaroori Hai or Salaam E Ishq,” you’re thinking wrong. Dus Kahanaiyaan may entail multiple storylines but each storyline is unique in its own way and carries a message. So lets begin the journey of analysing this special film one story at a time (in no particular order).


Arbaaz Khan and Mandira Bedi are one happily married couple, or so they seem. Every week Mandira claims to go visit her aunt but that is not the truth in the slightest way. Matrimony is a story about broken trusts, abandoned faith and pure betrayal. Arbaaz Khan is a sidelined character with hardly any scope. Mandira Bedi is efficient as the main protagonist. Sudhanshu surprises with a fantastic portrayal. Thumbs up for Sanjay Gupta’s direction.

“High on the Highway”

Hansal Mehta didn’t quite capture the art of short story telling like Sanjay Gupta with this story. High on the Highway entails the story of Jimmy and Massumeh who are a young couple that have no boundries, unlimited freedom and a wild life. The story is slow paced, boring and for the ten minutes that it runs you have no idea where it is going. Jimmy and Massumeh both don’t leave an impact. Thus comes the first let down of Dus Kahanaiyaan.

“Strangers in the Night”

Sanjay Gupta goes leaps and bounds with his second story in Dus Kahanaiyaa. This story is outstanding with a message and a climax that you will not even dream off. Strangers in the Night is story of a Mahesh Majrekar and Neha Dhupia, a couple who unveil a secret to each other every year on their wedding anniversary. This year its Neha’s turn and so she tells of a strange encounter on a rail way station one night. Expect the unexpected. Neha and Mahesh are outstanding and Sanjay Gupta deserves much acclaim for this story! The director captures the essence of short stories beautifully.

“Love Dale”

Lovedale is a story about destiny, happiness and listening to your heart. Neha Oberoi meets a stranger on a train and when the stranger leaves her earings with Neha she decides to get off at small town by the name of Lovedale. The story unfolds at this strange town and who Neha thought to be a stranger was infact a path to her heart which she had forgotten to use. Director Jasmeet Dhodi leaves audiences with a spell upon them with sweet and fantastic story. Beautifully written and performed by Aftab and new comer Neha Oberoi.

“Sex on the Beach”

The name is enough to get your minds thinking. Apoorva Lakhia brings an eerie tale of a strange encounter on a beach. Upon discovery of a mysterious book Dino meets a incredible lady that pushes all the right buttons to get a young man interested. However after having a rocking time on the beach with the lady Dino is in for a surprise. Apporva Lakhia manages to keep audiences interested however towards the end you may get flashbacks of some stories from RGV’s Darna Mana Hai. Dino Morea is efficient and the ladies will be very pleased however boys don’t worry the story caters for your eye candy too. Newcomer Tareena Patel doesn’t hesitate in the slightest bit to flaunt her assets perhaps we’ll see her again soon and this time we’ll see more of her acting.

“Rice Plate”

Now comes a story that may not be everyone’s piece of cake however handles some very interesting themes. Rice Plate is the story of a Hindu woman and a Muslim man and their battle over a place of rice at the local dhaba (restaurant). The story deals with the barriers of religion and nationality we put forwards and how in all this fuss we forget that before belonging to a certain race we belong to the human race. An uplifting tale handled beautifully by debutant director Rohit Roy. The story may seem a drag to some as the message doesn’t come across until the very last second. Ordinarily this would keep audiences hooked but it becomes rather frustrating to wait. It goes without saying that both Nasseerudinshah and Shabani Azmi were outstanding.


Meghna Gulzar returns to directing with a moving tale about the bond between a mother and daughter. Amrita is over the moon about her daughter Minisha’s wedding and makes sure that everything is perfect and that no happiness escapes from beneath her daughter’s feet. However one small action changes their lives forever. Meghna Gulzar directs one of the best tales of Dus Kahanaiyaan. Amrita Singh leaves you in awe and Minisha Lamba flaunts the traits of a highly capable actress.


Sanjay Gupta directs yet again a fantastic tale. The director is in top shape with his short stories. Gubbare is the story of Anita who upon having an argument with her husbands (Rohit Roy )on a bus changes seats to encounter a stranger (Nana Patekar) who takes her on journey through which she learns the meaning of life, love and living in the moment. Gubbare is one of the best of the ten stories. Sanjay Gupta writes beautifully and showcases even more brilliantly. Anita (formally known as Natasha) is in top form for an actress who hasn’t been given much scope in the industry. Nana Patekar is outstanding as usual. Rohit Roy is competent in his small role.


Not much can be said about Zahir as the effect of the story is to watch it in complete ignorance of what may occur. All we can say is that it’s a story of a writer and his neighbour. Their friendship, the unspoken attraction between them and a secret not ready to be shared. This story literally leaves you with your mouth open. If you had Sanjay Gupta penned as someone who cannot handle emotional and delicate scenes then you’d be very much surprised. Manoj Bajpai is brilliant. Dia Mirza is a delight to see in such a fantastic role.

“Rise and Fall”

Lastly comes a tale of two gangsters. Their friendship, betrayel and hunger for power. Sanjay Gupta and Hansal Mehta dispoint with this short story. The emphasis was for too much on the action sequences and the story was rather empty. Sanjay Dutt and Suniel Shetty are adequate but with such an empty story there was not much requirement for acting. Not a good decision to end the film on this story as it may cause you to walk out thinking that the whole of Dus Kahaniyaa was below average when there are far more brilliant talents in the movie.

All in all Dus Kahanaiyaa is the much needed refreshing movie. It takes you on a joy ride where you encounter strooies of all genres. Characters of all times. And messages for all lines of life. Sanjay Gupta and Meghna Gulzar are the highlight of the film as they both created stories that left you speechless (with the exception of Sanjay Gupta’s contribution to Rise and Fall). Dus Kahaniyaa is definetly a must watch this season! There are many stories in the film that are not to be missed!

Our Rating

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