Eklavya not shortlisted for Oscars

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After much trial and tribulation and even a court case India’s official entry for the 80th Academy Awards has not made the short list cut. The film, Eklavya, was submitted for the Best Foreign Film award category and was running against 63 other foreign language films. The choice of Eklavya was mired in controversy and many felt it was the wrong film to send as India’s selection.

Sadly, the film was not one of the nine that were on the list to continue on in the process of which films get the nominations. The nine films chosen were: The Counterfeiters (Austria), The Year My Parents Went on Vacation (Brazil), Days of Darkness (Canada), Beaufort (Israel), The Unknown Woman (Italy), Mongol (Kazakhstan), Katyn (Poland), 12 (Russia) and The Trap (Serbia). From these films, five will be chosen to be nominees vying for the coveted award. Nominees will be announced on January 22nd and the award ceremony is scheduled for February 24th.

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