Emotional Anil Kapoor

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Little do people know that Anil Kapoor and Hindi cinema’s badman Gulshan Grover are old buddies. In fact, the duo’s friendship dates back to the days where they were batch mates at the same acting institute. They have never forgotten one another and have continued to remain great friends. Between the two of them, they have both achieved great milestones in their acting careers. GG, as he is fondly called, has skimmed Hollywood and of course, known to all now, Anil Kapoor too has recently been well accepted by western cinema post his performance in Slumdog Millionaire.

At a recent event, Anil Kapoor was asked for felicitate Gulshan Grover with an award for his work. This caused an extremely emotional and choked up Kapoor to share a few words about his buddy, “What can you say about the pioneer of the journey from Bollywood to Hollywood. Here is Bollywood actor who never left Bollywood, but made inroads into Hollywood, GG truly is a torch bearer for me.”

This caused GG to shed a few tears and a big bear hug on stage with Kapoor. He went on to say, “Those who saw an excited Anil Kapoor on TV at Oscar, have not seen anything. We spent a lot of time in LA and you should have seen how, at every restaurant, bar or event, people wanted to take photographs with Anil.”

In the light of Dostana, one can’t help but gush over this sweet and old friendship that the actors share.

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