Fans enjoyed Live Chat with Shraddha Kapoor & Taaha Shah

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Live video chat with Shraddha Kapoor and Taaha Shah on 21st April at YRF Studios.

The music of Luv ka the End was released at a spectacular event held at YRF Studios recently. One of the objectives of the event was also to give the fans an opportunity to meet, interact and have a fun filled time with the entire cast of the movie.

After the success of this event, Y Films wanted to offer something more to the audience where they really get to know the stars on a personal level. Keeping in mind the audience all across the world they decided to have a live video web chat with the lead actors of ‘Luv Ka The End‘.

The Live video web chat with Shraddha Kapoor was Taaha Shah took place on 21st April at 4:30PM IST. This live chat session saw people joining in from different parts of the world all excited to know everything about the stars and their journey. Shraddha and Taaha had a wonderful time answering all the fans one by one, sharing lil anecdotes from the movie etc. On some of the fans requests Shraddha was kind enough to give in impromptu song performance on ‘Tonight’ which was deeply loved by the fans.

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