Festival Honour For Sooni Taraporevala & Litlle Zizou

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The Indian Films-Mira Nair presented Little Zizou has bagged another feather in its cap.

Director Sooni Taraporevala was awarded the Best Director in the Experience section of the 7th edition of the Levante International Film Festival, recently concluded in Bari, Italy.

The story: Little Zizou is a fast-paced, exuberant, yet poignant comedy about how two battling Mumbai families finally come to terms. Xerxes, ‘Little Zizou’ as he’s known, is an eleven year old soccer-mad Parsi boy whose fervent wish is that his idol, the world famous Algerian-origin French soccer/football player Zinedine Zidane visit Mumbai. His older brother Ataxerxes, or Art, is a talented artist whose wild fantasies come to life in surprising ways. Their father Khodaiji is a self-proclaimed protector-of-the-faith who thrives on the attentions (and donations) of hopeful believers.

Art burns with unrequited love for the daughter of Khodaiji’s arch rival, Pressvala, a free thinking newspaper publisher. And to the extreme displeasure of their other daughter, Xerxes adores the maternal Mrs Pressvala. But the real fireworks begin when Pressvala writes a scathing critique of Khodaiji and public reaction is widespread. As the two households fight, life becomes complicated for everybody.

Little Zizou stars Boman Irani, Sohrab Ardeshir, Cyrus Broacha, Kunal Vijaykar, Kurush Deboo, Mahabanoo-Mody Kotwal, Dilshad Patel, Shernaz Patel, Kamaal Sidhu, among others, and introduces Iyanah and Jahan Bativala.

Its international sales is being handled by the Los Angeles-based American World Pictures.

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