First Look of Aamir Khan’s Peepli Live!

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Coming up on August 13th is Peepli Live, the new film from Aamir Khan’s production house. Directed by Anusha Rizvi, the film was recently screened at the Cannes Film Festival and received a very positive response. It was also seen at the Sundance Film Festival! According to Aamir, Peepli Live, “is a satire on society and talks about the growing divide between urban and rural India.” Director Rizvi says that Peepli Live, “is a story of a poor man and his personal life. We always tend to look at their poverty and forget they are people too.” Starring a cast of newcomers, many theater actors, Aamir has nothing but praise for their performances. However, he says the real hero of the film is the story.

Synopsis: In a tiny corner of a giant country a poor farmer is about to lose everything. His brother has a plan to win it all back!

Peepli Live is a satire, which revolves around a villager from Central India called Natha, his brother Budhia and their family. The family is about to lose their land because they are unable to repay a loan, when, they hear of a government programme which offers the family of any farmer committing suicide a compensation of rupees 100,000 ($2000). The older brother convinces his sibling into agreeing to commit suicide. This sets in motion a chain of events which finds Natha in the eye of a storm. The local big wigs, the state government, high ranking bureaucrats, federal ministers and the national media all become stakeholders in the mad circus that erupts.

This is the story of India today. Rural society, the bureaucracy, media, politics and life.

Here is your first look into what this film is all about!

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