Freida’s Ex-Fiance Turns Bitter

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It seems to be part of the game, you get some you lose some. This quote could not have been more true for our very own Freida Pinto whose probably still celebrating the historically winning streak of Slumdog Millionaire at the Academy Awards this year.

In the case of Freida Pinto the loosing part of the deal is her ex-fiance Rohan Antao who is screaming from roof tops about his breakup and more so blames Danny Boyle and his film for the split up.

Rohan is under the impression that it is because of Freida’s infatuation with her co-star Dev Patel that she left him and also went on to say that their just may be a bit of real life romance between the couple who played Jamal and Lalita.(They both have vehemently denied it) If that wasn’t enough of Rohan’s wrath he continued to say that he hated the film and its the sole reason why his life is the way it is today. According to him if Slumdog hadn’t happened for Freida they still may be engaged. He indulged further to say to Mid-day that it was the makers of film who didn’t want their leading lady to be engaged and explained that it would effect the essence of the film and its characters. But wait there is more, Rohan also claims that he had to lie to director Danny Boyle about the nature of his relationship with Frieda at a party in which he introduced himself as her boyfriend and not fiance.

If you thought Rohan had left Dev out of the picture then you’re mistaken. Poor Dev also became the victim of his angry SMSs and more pointing fingers especially after the two co-stars made a stunning appearance at the Toronto Film Festival which simply didn’t go down too well with Rohan.

Well what can we say, looks like Rohan is either very angry or simply may be trying to gain a bit of the glory from his ex-fiancee victory. Whatever it may be we do hope he find solace sooner or later with the situation, after all hook ups and breakups are a part of life!

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